Cederqvist Nordvall Vidar Gustafvas firstborn son Carl Axel grew up with the family of soldier Daniel Fast in Grebo, where he went to school and learned how to read and write . Almost even the same day three years later October 22nd 1866  Carl Axel moves again to Landeryd and works for  Nils F. Nilsson at Slattefors Gård. But he stays there only nearly a year . October 27th, 1863 Carl-Axel moves to a new farm Fogeleke, Utjorden in Grebo he is now 23 years old and works as a famhand for Forester Olaus Westling. At the age of 15 in 1858 he started to work as a farmhand for farmer  Johan Fr. Jonsson at Lundby Gård in Grebo. Carl Axel stayed there for two years. Carl Axel Cederqvist started to work for a family at Gällstad farm 1867, in Törnevalla, Linghem as a coachman. He works for the engineer Carl Daniel Dahlqvist. He liked it there and stayed there for 7 years. Gällstad Gård  - Gällstad Farm Foto: Anders Johansson, Linköping Slattefors Gård - Slattefors Farmat Landeryd Map of  Humpsätter 1868 Tinnero oaks bordering Humpsätter A True Love Story  - Carl Axel Cederqvist and Lovisa Ols unknown couple Contemporary croft where very poor people lived from 1850 Gustafva Lovisa Stefansdotter Ten days later the 3rd of November 1870 Carl Axel writes to Gustafva Lovisa. Carl Axel Cederqvist Jungfrun Gustfva Steffan Sonn Linköping  Skeda Ock  Hökhult The original letter Duseborgs Castle, Gammalkil Valla Gård ( Farm), Linköping 1930 The original letter The barn at Joelstorp/Jordstorp, Vist The mainhouse Joelstorp/Jordstorp, Vist The farm Joelstorp/Jordstorp, Vist In Joelstorp Carl Axel and  Lovisa got five more children: The Cederqvist Siblings Albert          Born:  12- 7-1874          Died:   02-28-1968               94 years old Elin          Born: 02-26-1880          Died:  09-12-1950                70 years old Signe          Born: 11-4-1881          Died: ? Hjalmar          Born: 05-07-1885          Died: 11-09-1949              64 years old Christina Charlotta “ Låtta” Lovisa Bild 1. Bild 2. Bild 3. It didn’t take many days before he wrote to his darling wife. Four days later he writes from Söderköpings Brunn. All  the children took their first communion in Vist church. I guess Carl Axel knew how important it was to learn to read and write. This is the last letter to his beloved wife Lovisa that we still have from Carl Axel. Lovisa never went to school so she could not write, she always had to go to someone who could write and ask them to write to Carl Axel. Vist Church 1960 Vist church 1961, Vist church burn down 1961. Carl Staffan Cederschiöld _Gustafva Nyberg Carl Axel Cederqvist Eng_Carl Staffan Cederschiöld o Gustafva Nyberg Eng_Carl Staffan Cederschiöld o Gustafva Nyberg Eng_Carl Axel cederqvist Staffan Herman Cederqvist Hjalmar " Jim" Cederqvist Syskonen Johansson Sonja (Johansson) Vidar Albert Cederqvist Beda Cederqvist Regina Cederqvist Elin Cederqvist Cederqvist Nordvall Vidar Carl Axel and Lovisas first three children. Hjalmar wanted a photo of his parents. In a letter dated February 26 1911 Hajlamar is asking his parents if they forgot to send him the photo. That is why we know this photo is from  spring 1911. Signe 20 years old, Lovisa 64 years old and Carl Axel 68 years old Carl Axel 68 years old Lovisa 64 years old Lovisa young Carl Axel young Two farmhands with a plow Unknown people working in the field. Eng_Cederqvist Nordvall Vidar Brev 3 nov 1870 Carl Axel Cederqvist Brev 15 juni 1874 CArl Axel Cederqvist Syskonen Cederqvist Signe Cederqvist Nanny Sjöberg Emil Nordvall Lars Magnus Nordvall Sally Sjöberg Henry Nordvall Vidar 1731-1851 John Vidar Elsa Eriksson Kontakt Efterlysning År 1510 - 1650 År 1650 - 1855 LarsNordvall.com  2017     Kontakt:  Susanne “Nordvall “ Perstad Email: susperstad@gmail.com